7 Success Strategies To Enhance AdWords Performance For E-Commerce Businesses

Increasing AdWords performance is one of the most crucial tasks that cannot be overlooked by ecommerce businesses. The success of every ecommerce business ultimately depends on the strength of its online presence and how well it is able to win the customers. So, review your accounts to know the areas to improve and implement the right strategies to improve your AdWords performance. Here are 7 tested and proven success strategies to implement to enhance AdWords performance.

Execute single keyword Ad groups

If you wish to squeeze more performance from AdWords, single keyword ad groups can give great results. While placing 10 to 20 keywords in an ad group, writing ad copies that are relevant to all of the given keywords within the ad group becomes extremely difficult. Therefore the good idea is to place one keyword per ad group and write short ads that are highly specific to the keywords. This will help write ads that are highly specific to the keyword and you will know the exact keyword that is configured to trigger the advertisement to be displayed.

Segment your shopping campaign by Product IDs

Google contains several ways to segment your product feed. Segmenting your products into small groups is very important. If this is not done, all of your products will have the same bid and will share the same set of negative keywords. Set bids that are relative to the price of the product. Segmenting by ID will work when placing each of the products within its own group.

Social Proof your advertisements

While it is very popular to use social proof for landing pages, very few know that this can help ads too. To do this, you can either add extensions of seller rating or add review extensions. The latter allow you to display a third party review besides your own review which can increase the CTR by about 15 percent.

Include count down timers while advertising offers

This feature is not much used by many online campaigns. When you use count down feature with the AdWords, you can create a sense of urgency in the customers and significantly increase the conversion rates. Studies show that his feature has helped increase the CTR by about 5 percent. Also, it was found that the number of sales increased with the number of days in which the sale will end decreased.

Automate the Split Testing at Scale

It is difficult for most ecommerce AdWords users to keep track of all their ad tests since there are thousands of ads posted in their account. However, it is not altogether impossible to conduct a split test on the basis of statistical significance in order to make sure you have adequate data to make the right call. Failing to do this will let you choose the advert that seems like the winner but might turn ineffective after a few more clicks. To test whether the advert has reached the statistical significance, you can place the number of clicks the adverts have had along with their respective CTR into a calculator.

Create advertisements for all the products stocked

For the success of the AdWords campaign, it is essential that you generate adverts right down to the level of every individual advertisement. You can do this manually while having a small inventory. Go for automation if you have to work with a larger inventory and also if you have to change the set of products. Dynamic search ads will help you in this regard.

Make use of RLSA for shopping campaigns on Google

RSLA can be implemented in the same way you implement them into a search campaign done with the audience tab. Those businesses that have implemented this into their Google shopping campaign have found the results phenomenal.