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Among the 240 million internet users in the USA, more than 74 percent users take action by visiting a law firm’s website. With an overwhelming number of 1.3 million lawyers serving the USA citizens, you must really have a kind of killer website that will stand the fray and drive more ROI. As a web development firm and SEO services for law firms, we have been offering the full suite of website development as well as optimization services for our clients. Here we discuss the five most important website pages every law firm must have.

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For the sake of optimizing your website for the major search engines, it is essential that you have highly specific and the most relevant information on your site. Think from the perspectives of the users. For instance, if you sustain an injury at work, you will not know whether it is an employment law or personal injury. Your website must list out every area of law you are practicing. This is crucial for getting listed on the search engine and reach out those potential clients who will want your services.

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A study conducted by Komarketing discovered that one of the most important assets that most websites lack today is contact information. While stating the reasons for leaving a website, an overwhelming number of users said they did not find a way to contact someone responsible from the firm. While searching for lawyers, most people look for someone in their own area. A report from Burke says more than 76 percent searches look for information related to local businesses. Also, it would be a value addition to have a thank you page once someone had contacted you. Tracking is as important as getting people to the site.


Testimonials from the users add more credibility to the site. The testimonials you publish must be informational. Know that the search engines always attach a high priority to client reviews while ranking a site. While your site will have a lot of judicial jargons, getting your clients testify on behalf of your firm will simplify the language. The reviews make the customers feel confident. Moving a step further, video reviews can help get more cases.


The blog section of your site will help you project your knowledge of the law across the areas you practice. You can highly impress the clients by conveying your opinion in the article you publish. Blogging is a very useful tool in the lines of SEO. Remember that since you are an expert in the area of law, your clients will always love to known your opinion. You can use the blogs section to pass on your special insights into the most popular debates going around you. If you choose not to step into the muddy waters, you cannot throw some intelligent points to your clients. While it is natural for many clients to keenly look for answers to some critical questions, you can make use of the opportunity to share the knowledge with them so that they gain confidence in your skills on the move while learning from your website.

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This page can also be called as the attorney profile page. The way you project your image through this section must bring in more clients. The way you deal with your personal information should enable the clients distinguish your firm from the rest out there. Project details like the number of years you practiced, the number of cases you won, your ratings, and what philosophies are dear to you so that they can get to assume what drives you forward in your mission. Also, make the home page very attractive and fast loading in order to engage the clients.