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What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of Apps that have been deployed in various mobile stores such as iTunes, Google Play and Blackberry World. Today, this has become a necessity keeping in mind that there are more than 2.5 million Apps on iTunes and Google Play Store alone that have been downloaded more than 75 billion times.

To overcome the challenges associated with such phenomenal numbers TechIndia Software provides App Store Optimization services through which it improves the rankings of your App not only in the App Store’s search results but also in the App Stores’s top charts rankings. This ensures that your App gets downloaded more often than that of your competitors.

In principle App Store Optimization or ASO in short, is a process that works similar to Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It is governed by the same set of internal and external environments and is also affected by the same technical factors. But while SEO has been there for many years, ASO is a relatively new phenomenon that has gained popularity only in the last few years.

App Store Optimization
  • Identifying an appropriate title for your App along with the main keywords that need to be placed in the title to improve visibility since users search for Apps based on keywords.
  • Placing optimal keywords appropriately in the description of the App.
  • Taking measures aimed at improving appeal, awareness and recognition of the App.
  • Creating an appropriate App Icon that explains in simplest terms what the App is about.
  • Creating appropriate screenshots that convey a specific benefit of the App along with supplemental text to explain what the App is about.
  • Writing relevant and meaningful content describing what the App is about, its advantages and to whom it is targeted.
  • Optimizing social media presence related to the App and providing positive ratings/reviews. • Creating short videos describing the App. These videos can be uploaded on both iTunes and Google Play Store
  • Translating and localizing the Apps to increase downloads and to reach out to a larger target audience nationally and internationally.
App Store Optimization Services

We have been working in the industry of SEO and digital marketing for number of years. We have seen the very concept of ASO developing into a full-fledged skill area just like SEO.

As we mentioned earlier that the same principles govern this process too; we have employed our skills to achieve the targets for our customers who want to gain the results on their apps. We carefully understand the requirements of our clients and then devise a strategy which is suitable to their app so that we could take appropriate steps forward for App Store Optimization.

By working with us, you won’t feel that you have given your project to newbies who don’t know how to navigate in the deluge of updates and changes that keep coming. We can handle the ship quite confidently.

How do you benefit with App Store Optimization services? one

  • More visibility for your App ensuring higher downloads.
  • Higher profits to you resulting from transactions done on Apps.
  • Increase in traffic resulting in overall increase in revenue and ROI
  • Access to a large user base of more than 1.5 billion smart phone users worldwide.
  • Tracking metrics of registered users and profiling them.
  • Targeted marketing possibilities aimed at registered users
  • Up-selling and cross selling possibilities
  • Competing with high end brands and established players.
  • Inter-linked with micro blogging and social media marketing

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