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About the Project

Trimino is a popular brand manufacturing protein infused water for refreshing, rejuvenating and hydrating the body. The brand’s beverage is an ideal supplement carrying the power of protein. The drink is free of empty sugar and is enriched with high-potency B-vitamins. Rendering something different from the regular sports drinks that are full of things that people might not want, the brand sells its protein infused water in 16 oz bottles in different flavors. The everyday drink is infused with the best quality whey protein to ensure rapid absorption and easy digestion thereby making it available for appetite suppression, energy and muscle recovery.

Drink Trimino approached us to design and launch a highly effective SEO project to increase their organic traffic and enhance the search visibility of the site. Our efforts as a result was focused on showing them how a well-planned SEO campaign can be an efficient and cost effective way for online brand building.

We formulated an exclusive Search Engine Optimization strategy to bring about visible results across the brand’s offerings and the result was 144% increase in the organic sessions and 77.9% increase in the company’s revenue.

Findings of the research and defining the objectives

A detailed research of the Drink Trimino website revealed us that we had to build the site’s backlink profile to improve the performance of the lead terms specified for the campaign. As a result, we launched a strategic campaign for content marketing to find out the relevant influencers in their industry domain who would be interested in showcasing their innovative and creative content to the audience.


Ensuing from the objectives of the project, we could formulate a search strategy that could promise commercial results across the key product areas. Our professional approach, keen eye to minute details and the result-oriented methodology helped land on impressive results.

Achievement & Success

The results of the SEO campaign matched well with the objectives and therefore the achievement of the campaign was phenomenal. Our organic search strategy could deliver some highly impressive results year on year such as increasing the number of page 1 terms to 36 in addition to the following:

  • 144% increase in organic sessions
  • 43% increase in overall sessions
  • 77.59% increase in organic revenue
  • 17% increase in online revenue.

Overall Achieved Result

  • 82%Increase in Rankings
  • 152%Organic Sessions
  • 72%Increase in Conversions
  • 85%ROI
Drinktrimino.com Google.com Google.com
Buy 7g Whey Protein Water 2 45
Protein Infused Water 3 23
Protein Water Brands 4 45
Buy Protein Water 5 87
Best Protein Drinks 10 Not in 100

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