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About the Project

Located in the heart of Miraflores within a short walking distance from the beach, Dragonfly hostels is one of the best places to stay in the region within a decent budget. Equipped with friendly and inviting staff, the hostel provides everything the guests will need for a pleasant and comfortable stay. The hostel also provides information to guests on visiting the local attractions in Peru. Located in a colorful environment, the three hostels of the brand in Lima, Cusco and Arequipa provide hours of enjoyment with a wide range of games or relaxing stays amidst a silent and serene setting. The facility offers plenty of space and the best of amenities you can expect in a hostel to assure a memorable stay during your visit to the region.

The objectives dragonfly Hostels had in front of them were to increase their target audience by about 50% by improving the organic sessions YoY. We could help them achieve this cherished goal by working on an eBook, Blogger badge linked to Dragonfly Hostels, Blogger Fact sheet, content for supporting the blogs.


Our SEO project on this site consisted of the following strategies:

  • A complete site audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • On-page optimization
  • Removing the poor quality and spammy links
  • Extending the meta descriptions

Challenges and how we addressed them

During the start of the project, the target seemed daunting. Their competitive brands had swallowed a significant percentage of the market and alluring those customers who had been used to those competitors seemed a mammoth task.

We worked systematically with clear cut goals and plans and finally succeeded in elevating Dragonfly Hostels website to go for further partnership. Our SEO mission helped increase the domain authority of the site, their primary keyword and rankings.

What the campaign delivered

The systematic SEO campaign we designed and organized strategically helped achieve the tall objectives we had in front of us. We could deliver what we promised evident in the following:

  • We successfully developed 20 backlinks to the site’s homepage
  • The targeted bloggers and the linking patterns they followed were appropriate to the brand.
  • The campaign created bespoke visuals that are relevant to the target audience and which could be easily shared
  • The link building pattern we developed was natural and the local bloggers and content developed were relevant to the seasonal interests of the bloggers thus ensuring the best placement potential.
  • The eBook’s quality was high with relevant links.

Overall Achieved Result

  • 90%Increase in Rankings
  • 155%Organic Sessions
  • 74%Increase in Conversions
  • 83%ROI
Dragonfly.com Google.com Google.com
Dragonfly Arequipa 1 7
Dragonfly Barranco 1 23
Dragonfly Hostel 1 45
Dragonfly Hostel Arequipa 1 12
Dragonfly Hostel Barranco 1 33

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