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About the Project

Cornerstone fence &Ornamental gate is a family owned and operated firm based on Meriden, CT. The main services line of the firm ranges into providing quality fence and iron work installation and repair services. The company installs and repairs all kinds of fences such as iron fence, chain link fence, vinyl fence, pergolas, ornamental fence and gates. The professional approach and the best quality maintained through its jobs has won Cornerstone a distinguished place in the fencing industry. They are the best choice to provide custom fencing solution in any material and specification required.

Cornerstone approached us for running an organic SEO campaign for driving more traffic to their website. We launched a custom designed link building campaign clubbed with a social media engagement campaign for Cornerstone. Our campaign focused on highlighting the importance of fences and ornamental gates in enhancing the curb appeal of properties and also in enhancing the safety and security of homes and businesses.


Our campaign had clearly set goals to achieve that included the following.

  • Enhancing organic sessions
  • Bringing in more new users
  • Enhance the conversions in an organic way
  • Increasing the conversion rate
  • Generating more revenue
  • Enhancing the Actual Order Value (AOV)
  • Enhancing the average domain authority of the new links generated


Our effort was designed in such a way to make the biggest difference to the company while keeping the timescale and budget to the minimum possible.

Our techniques were centered on using the inferences gained from keyword research, site audit, optimizing the content and code analysis to give a definite shape to the SEO project.

Achievement & Success

The campaign was an overwhelming success in enhancing the awareness of the brand among potential audience and supporting the SEO activity.

  • Fruitful results came through when all the links we promised led the searches to one of the targeted URLs and the keyword rankings for select keywords increased significantly.
  • The campaign delivered enhancements in 11/12 keywords which was an increase by 91%.
  • All the 12 competitive terms used in the campaign improved to the top 5 positions which was the 100% result expected out of the campaign.
  • In P1, we could garner 4/12 keywords marking 33 percent difference.

Overall Achieved Result

  • 89% Increase in Rankings
  • 170%Organic Sessions
  • 80%Increase in Conversions
  • 84%ROI
Fence Companies In Connecticut 1 32
Ornamental Gates Connecticut 1 36
Commercial Fences Connecticut 2 45
Fence Companies In Ct 2 58
Industrial Fencing Connecticut 5 66

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