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About the Project

Cold Creek farm is a family owned venue offering fantastic views of the North Georgia Mountains. Originally an animal far, a few years of hard work transformed this into a lovable place to host events all year round. This event venue is one of the best options to arrange weddings, corporate events, and any other programs you might think of. They are seasoned professionals well versed with event management and hence they can help organize theme-based events that can meet the best of the guest expectations and stand in their memories.


While rolling out a full-fledged SEO project to optimize their website, we had the following objectives:

While focusing on improving the site rankings, we wanted to ensure that the site was optimized well to drive more sales. Being aware of the challenges faced by the retail sector, we had a clear set of objectives that gave not only beneficial, but also measurable results.

Our targets consisted of the following:

  • Enhance average conversion rates
  • Enhance total conversions
  • Enhance the conversions in an organic way
  • Enhance the search visibility of the site on search engines
  • Enhance the rankings of the site for select keywords
  • Increase the sessions across social, paid search and referral traffic through the affiliated links


We worked with a professionally conceived methodology to realize the objectives given above including:

  • Developing a campaign that will appeal to the press and influencers
  • Working on enhancing the backlink profile of the website
  • Get engaged with the influencers in an effective way to spread the awareness regarding the campaign
  • Building a natural and authoritative backlink profile by identifying sites with DA20+

Achievement & Success

  • The insight we had about the typical SEO mission we will have to run for this website helped land on highly effective results in line with the objectives we had promised. In fact, we witnessed some of the best SEO results with this site.
  • The two campaigns we ran and placed live during Q4 2019 and Q1 2020 helped secure a total number of 43 placements with an average of 38 domain authority. /li>
  • • The site went popular on the social media channels bagging 75 social mentions and 475 social impressions of the campaign’s hashtags.

Overall Achieved Result

  • 88%Increase in Rankings
  • 150%Organic Sessions
  • 78%Increase in Conversions
  • 89%ROI
Barn Wedding Georgia 2 34
Barn Weddings North Georgia 2 23
Barn Weddings Georgia 3 65
Barn Wedding Venue Georgia 5 58
Barn Weddings In Georgia 5 No

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