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Product Pages For SEO

Product pages are highly important in the world of ecommerce to generate more sales and make more profits. We do come across a lot of marketers who earn a huge sum of money by selling shortcuts to earning money on the internet. Due to this, a number of ecommerce store owners are made to believe that there exist some shortcuts to optimizing their product page. Some site owners are found to just copy and paste the product descriptions found on other sites for the similar pages as it can give them quick results. Know that such short cut is often dangerous as it can adversely affect the SEO of such product pages. Hence it is important for you to implement the following options to optimize your product pages instead of resorting to unhealthy shortcuts to the process. Read More →

Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization is the condition that results when a single website targets the same keyword unintentionally across multiple pages or blogs. The effects of keyword cannibalization can be unwelcoming as it can make an unimportant page rank over an important page. Also, it can bring down the rankings for both the said pages. Here is how you can remedy keyword cannibalization in easy ways. Read More →

Mobile First Indexing

In a recent move, Google has officially announced the roll out of mobile first indexing. Though Google has been actually working in these lines for quite some time even before this announcement, this official announcement comes as the leading Search Engine’s acknowledgement of its stand via its own channels. Much earlier to this announcement, Google’s representatives have revealed that several sites have been migrated already to mobile-first indexing. Read More →

Mobile Page Speed

Google considers page speed an important factor for ranking sites. This approach by the search engine giant puts mobiles first when it comes to accessing the information online. Since page speed is a crucial factor that decides the quality of customer experience, businesses cannot overlook this aspect while designing their sites. Studies show slow loading pages have very high bouncing rates and can adversely impact conversion rates as the users are today not prepared to wait. Read More →