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How to Do SEO

How to Do SEO/ Search Engine Optimization is the way of getting traffic from the "organic," "free," "natural" or "editorial" listings on search engines. The top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing show results, where web sites and other stuffs like local listings or videos are shown and ranked based on what the search engine prefers very relevant to readers. Now, the next question comes how to SEO? "How to SEO" means how to perform correctly this "search engine optimization" process that may include latest techniques, strategies and Methodologies used by TechIndia Software?

Latest techniques of SEO 2017

We at TechIndia Software have a great team in Search Engine Optimization who always crave for the current updates on newer SEO techniques that both involves the offline and online methods to enhance their skills in web-development media. Following are the latest techniques, strategies and Methodologies used in "how to SEO" answer.

The following are its latest techniques

Make the most suitable design for a website:

In order to be user-friendly, the website should have appropriate an attractive design, meta tags, no repetitive and contents.

Erase the low quality links for your website:

The quality of the links plays an important role for SEO ranking. The website links should be monitored on various parameters such as the PR, its outbound links, on-page elements etc. After the review of the website links, if it comes to some irrelevant websites and at last shows itself under a low quality link then those links should be erased.

Social marketing - set up a strategy to follow:

SEO technique should not include the social marketing tricks that tempt the visitors to your website. The links should be made with relevant sites and contents that build a reliable source of traffic with targeted audience. It helps the ranking algorithm to rank your website due the quality time spent by the users in your website.

Focus more on quality content websites than the ad-filled sites:

We should focus more on posting quality articles/blogs for the readers instead of providing them with more ads that are attractive.

Choose quality link building websites with relevant contents:

Don't go with sites that may increase your back-links within a short duration. As with the latest updates, Google has created its stringent techniques to check the relevance of the links that your website contains to the content of your website.

Relevant key words for your domain:

Because of latest EMD update, the practice of obtaining highly searched keywords into the domain to enhance the ranking has now stopped achieving beneficial results. Thus, the keywords used for the domains should be relevant and perfect to match the quality content of the sites for a better rank.

Boost up your traffic with more search engines:

With all the latest updates of Google, it is now very important to submit your website in different search engines such as Yahoo, Bing etc. in order to enhance the traffic to your site with more quality links from other search engines.

Work naturally for your anchor texts:

The best way to overcome with the anchor texts updating is to work naturally and insert the texts that exact match the business of your website. Moreover, the quality of the links that your site contains can perform as a parameter for ranking algorithms to rank your website.

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