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Results driven Internet Marketing Professional with over 10 years of hands-on experience in Internet and Ecommerce Marketing and Operations for highly competitive markets. Proven leadership and ability to deliver highly effective and measurable strategies to drive revenue growth, new customers and increase brand awareness and reputation for B2C and B2B businesses.

Make your WordPress CMS Robust & Secure

Amidst the phenomenal growth of the information technology, it has become highly crucial for businesses to create a strong online presence. This will help you generate more sales and get potential leads. Creating and maintaining a website is not an easy job by any means. You need to invest a big deal and find professional developers to maintain it. Over and above, you need the right set of SEO strategies to market your site and develop your brand image. Read More →

Benefits of hiring Virtual TeamA large number of factors have revolutionized the modern day offices and hiring virtual teams for various business tasks is one such big change that has helped businesses improve their efficiency and reduce the overhead costs. With a few inconveniences and downsides, the advantages of contracting virtual teams for supporting business processes are overwhelming. Benefiting from this trend, a large number of businesses have made this their style of operation. Read on to know what it would mean to hire virtual teams. Read More →

Why is WordPress the most preferred CMS for small size businesses?

Though WordPress is around us for so long, very few CMS platforms can challenge the merits and advantages of WordPress to this day. This open source CMS software has benefited several businesses with cost effective website development possibilities. The incredible advantages of this platform have allured several businesses and developers to deem this as their one point source to accomplish highly challenging website development projects. The various interesting features of this platform make it the most preferred CMS platform for businesses. Read More →

How to boost the performance of your eCommerce store?

Every eCommerce store owner must understand a few things regarding the kind of business he is into. Online marketing or digital marketing is a fast evolving concept with a large number of online stores proliferating. Unlike the physical stores where the location and infrastructure shall help attract customers, the paradigms that work for eCommerce stores are entirely different. For the success of your eCommerce business, you need to focus mainly on the performance of your website. Researches show that a slow loading website can put off the modern age customers and for every second that your site delays to load, it is estimated that you lose 7% of your business. It is vital to discuss the aspects that will get your eCommerce store perform well to stand the tough competition around and grab a good share of the customers.

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